by The Ellie Badge

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released August 19, 2010

all songs written, produced, engineered, and performed by Jeremiah Matthews



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Company Fire
The Company Fire

After all this time I'm a little more than terrified
Eighteen years I've been living a lie!
I've been wasting my life in a clip on tie...
For a slave driver born on the Fourth of July!

I sold my body and soul for the money
and my name on a spot! It's really kinda funny
They baptized me in the company fire
You've got to understand that
I can never be abandoned now...
You call it a life but I don't know why

And it's 1, 2, 3, I'm gonna blame it on the government
4, 5, 6, in the end it all comes back to them
You can have the money back and all of the fame
but I'm gonna keep parking where it says my name!
Track Name: Infinity Means Nothing
Infinity Means Nothing

Heavy is the way that it felt
As it fell around me
And everything seems so out of place
Since these mirrors found me
You put up the sun so I'd take the moon down
The sunlight burns the soul of this town
But life is just a hemorrhage to you
It's far too much to go through...

While you're waiting
Infinity means nothing
While you're waiting
Oh, won't you wait beside me?

"Everything is waiting on you..."
She said to him and he followed through
and they may fall apart tomorrow...
but for tonight, they're so alive!
They are the sun and moon
And they're strown across the sky!
And everything will be heaven tonight...
But in the meantime

My body is broken,
Dependent on oxygen.
My body...
Depends on you.

While you're waiting
infinity means nothing
While you're waiting...
Try not to look so lonely